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Development Training

For the first two weeks of any of our culinary courses here at Chef Academy of London, students undertake the core Development Training. This is held in our development kitchen with our Executive Chef, Raffaello Amadio.

During the first few days of the Development Training, students will start from the very beginning and basics of the culinary industry. Students will be introduced to the professional kitchen and the machinery/equipment that occupy all professional kitchens in the culinary world. Students will be shown the different sections of a professional kitchen and explained what the purpose of each of them is. A very important factor of the training is the introduction to Health and Safety in the professional kitchen, showing risks and hazards, precautions to take and procedures that must be followed. Students learn how to use a knife safely and how to carry out different cutting techniques and styles of cuts. Other things covered our measurements, symbols, conversions, butter clarification, infusions of oil, labelling and many other aspects of the professional kitchen.

The development training will then progress further into the culinary world. Students will start to train on meat, poultry, fish, stocks, vegetables, grains, flours, dairy, eggs, yeast, fresh pasta, rice, baking and pastry, sauces (mayonnaise, hollandaise, béarnaise, beurre blanc, vinaigrette bolognaise, cheese, béchamel and emulsions), soups, sous vide, smoking and curing. Throughout each of these elements, students learn different recipes and cooking techniques, classic and modern. Students will also start to learn advanced cooking techniques food science in the culinary industry.

The baking and pastry section of the development training includes learning how to cut and prepare fruits, French and Gemoise sponge, preparing crème anglaise, choux pastry, brise, donuts, tuille, hazelnut and chocolate ganache, chocolate fondant, fruit soufflé, cold white and dark chocolate and fruit bavarois. There will be demonstration and explanations of puff and filo pastry and timings. Students will cover the recipes of black forest gateau, éclairs, apple streusel, mousse, white chocolate fondant, chocolatini, lemon tart, crème brulee and petit fois.

Further elements taught are recipe calculation, yield calculation, APC calculation, GP calculation and costing.

Each day finishes with a presentation display of the dishes created that day. On the final day of the development training students enjoy the ‘Chef Academy of London Family Meal’, students will prepare and present their own menu to the rest of the class and Chef Academy of London team. This is a chance for each student to show what they have learnt and put into practice all of the skills, techniques and recipes that they have been taught over the past two weeks of development training.

This intense two weeks development training leaves students ready with all the knowledge and skills they require to take on the next part of their course, the live training in our restaurant partner kitchens beside the professionals.

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