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Become the best pastry chef with Chef Academy London!

The art of bakingDo you love the smell of a freshly baked loaf of bread coming out the oven? Or the feeling of a croissant melting in your mouth?

Pastry is a colourful world of smells and tastes, it has many sweet and savoury recipes with its own rules!

If you are one of a kind, looking for where to learn all the rules, techniques and secrets about this unique world, Chef Academy is the place to be!

Creams and chocolate sauces, caramels and nougat, macaroons and truffles, eclairs and madeleines, are just some of the many delicious ingredients in the Professional Pastry and Confectionary course training program studied at Chef Academy London.

The course is intensive and focuses on all aspects of pastry, baking and confectionery. The training is held in one of the best equipped laboratory in London and you will be learning next to one of the most knowledgeable and experienced chefs in the pastry business. Not only will you learn what ingredients are vital to succeed in this business but what are essential techniques and equipment.


If you are highly motivated and want to learn the secrets of yeast, spend the night making dough and learning the right temperature and times for the raising process, you have the chance to learn it all. The course also gives you the knowledge of not only the classic French recipes, but all recipes from around the world, using many different ingredients and classic technique is used as the latest assembling technique for decoration and sculpting base on cost product control.

Students will be fully immersed into theoretical as well as the practical training, which at the end of it they will be ready to be a fully equipped pastry chef in every possible professional environment. Ultimately able to create there own business and start their career with all the confidence, the knowledge and the practical skills needed to be successful.

Chef Academy London

Chef Academy London was founded in 2007 and since then has led the way for professional training for head chefs, pastry chefs and restaurant managers. Book an appointment with one of our expert advisors for more information.

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