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The food business today is big business. Millions across the world are looking at the culinary trade as a lucrative career option. But this trade requires dedicated training. So if you wish to become a chef or start your own restaurant, where do you begin? There are many academies and institutes that offer courses for those aspiring to join this trade, so how do you decide if this is the right course for you?

There are many different courses available that are of varying durations and specialize in the various aspects of the culinary trade. The courses can be of a few years that award successful candidates degrees and diplomas and then there are the certificate courses awarded by institutes like Chef Academy of London that are short term and very intensive.

The courses at Chef Academy of London are designed for those interested in starting a career in the restaurant business. If you wish to become a chef or specialize in the pastry department; if you want to learn restaurant management or aspire to win a Michelin star, Chef Academy of London has a course that is just right for you.

Before you select a course you must decide what exactly you wish to achieve in life, where exactly your passion lies and whether you have the tenacity to complete an intensive training. Although the restaurant business apparently seems very glamorous, it is actually very hard work. No matter whether you are a chef slaving behind a stove or a front office manager greeting guests, you have to spend long hours on your feet. There are no short cuts in this trade. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance and it is only thorough knowledge and dedicated service that will get you accolades and success.

Once you have figured out what your aim in life is and you are confident that the restaurant trade is the right one for you, start evaluating all the courses available within your budget. Jot down all the questions that come to mind and never hesitate to clarify all your doubts before you sign up. Evaluate your own skills; most institutes expect that; and then select your course.

While studying the course details ask yourself… ‘Is this the right course for me? Does it fulfill all my needs?’ Apply for the course only when you are sure. It would be a pity if you join a course and realize it is just not right for you.

Chef Academy of London has some excellent courses where you are not only trained at their development kitchen but also get an opportunity to work in a live kitchen in one of their partner restaurants, often one that has a Michelin star. On completion not only will you have learnt the basics about the trade or cooking in general, your exposure to the professional kitchen will have built up your confidence so that you can start your own establishment or land yourself a lucrative job.

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Chef Academy London was founded in 2007 and since then has led the way for professional training for head chefs, pastry chefs and restaurant managers. Book an appointment with one of our expert advisors for more information.

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