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How to get a star in the Michelin Guide

A true Saint Graal for the chefs, the first star in the Michelin Guide rewards years of service behind the stove, know-how in the art of the table but also in the art of entertaining. Thus, every year since 1900, anonymous inspectors travel more than 20,000 kilometers across UK, staying in 160 hotels and tasting nearly 250 meals in search of the restaurants of tomorrow. This year, 42 restaurants received their first star, up from 37 last year.

How to get a star in the Michelin Guide

The attribution of the stars

To attract the attention of these mysterious inspectors, the restaurant must meet five criteria of appreciation, identical in the 24 countries where the Michelin Guide is present. Each restaurant is noted on the quality of products, the mastery of cooking and flavors, the personality of the chef in his dishes and cuisine, the value for money and finally, the consistency of the service over time. If the inspector judges that his dining experience meets all of these criteria, he will then defend the restaurant in question during so-called " star sessions", a meeting that brings together the director of the guide and forty inspectors who crisscross UK and Europe throughout the year. In this exchange, members discuss the returns of inspectors and decide together the star ratings: a star is a very good cuisine, two stars with excellent cuisine worth a detour and three stars with outstanding cuisine that is worth the trip. These macaroons, awarded since 1926, literally change give greater visibility and a seal of quality, few are those privileged since the starred restaurants represent only 10% of the selection of the famous Red Guide.

The 2016 winners

The Michelin Guide 2016 has a total of 600 starred restaurants (compared to 609 in 2015) out of the 4,347 establishments that were scrutinized this year by Red Guide inspectors. Among them, 42 tables have won their very first star, among which are young chefs, like Angelo Ferrigno from La Maison des Cariatides in Dijon, the youngest of the selection at 23, or Jean-Baptiste Lavergne -Morazzani, 24-year-old chef at La Table du 11, Versailles.

In Île-de-France, six new restaurants received their first macaroon: Saturn (Paris 2nd), Nakatani (Paris 7th), Lucas Carton (Paris 8th), Snow of summer (Paris 15th), Hexagone (Paris 16th) and Pages (Paris 16th). On the side of the old Parisian addresses, Hélène Darroze (Paris 6th), The Violin of Ingres (Paris 7th), The Fifteenth of Cyril Lignac (Paris 15th), The Jules Verne on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower (Paris 7th) or The Fables de la Fontaine (Paris 7th) - headed by Julia Sedefdjian, who, at 21, becomes the youngest starred chef in France - keep their first star. Finally, note that on the Island of Beauty, the table I Salti in Belgodère is the only starred restaurant in Corsica this year.

Michelin Guide: a new distinction in 2016

This year, the Bible of high gastronomy has a new look. Indeed, a new distinction has appeared in the famous guide: it is " The plate ", which rewards all the restaurants present in the 2016 version of the Guide. This distinction meets the following criteria: " Quality of products and chef's hand: a good meal simply"and does not take into account the stars and the Bib Gourmand (awarded to restaurants offering a full menu for up to 32 euros in the province and 36 euros in Paris). The great revolution this year remains nevertheless the appearance of photos of These establishments will be listed for the first time in the red Bible, and the restaurants will also be sorted, according to their number of stars, starting with the three stars. their youthfulness, with an inverted presentation: the type of cuisine tables will go before the addresses of establishments to value the meal more than the night.What to find more in this guide well provided.

Now you know How to get a star in the Michelin Guide, do your best if you want to have one.

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