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How to get a Michelin star

The Michelin Guide was created in the early 20th century and is one of the oldest and most famous gastronomic guides in the world. Each year it awards "Michelin stars" that reward the best establishments for any style of cuisine combined.

Be spotted
The first step in getting a Michelin star is to be spotted by the guide. How could the guide's team think of including you in the book if you are unknown to them?

To be recognised it is essential that a large amount of people speak about your Restaurant.

The best way to achieve this would be:

-Word of mouth from your guests.

- Articles in blogs.

- Positive comments from food and drink critics.

-Written reviews of your Restaurant

Inspector visits
Once the Michelin guide is aware of your existence, inspectors are sent to your restaurant. These professionals working for Michelin carry out anonymous visits to restaurant owners in order to evaluate the quality of their cuisine and their service in all objectivity.

Most of the Michelin inspectors come from the hotel and restaurant industry. Their greatest qualities are that they have a very good palate and are incorruptible.

How to get a Michelin star

During these anonymous visits, they will judge your dishes according to the following five criteria:

- The quality of the products. This criterion takes into account the respect of hygiene and the authenticity of the dish served.

- Creativity. The personality and originality of the kitchen are tested to judge the particularity of the establishment.

- The mastery of cooking and flavours, to prove the chef's culinary skills.

- The quality / price ratio for the more commercial side of the evaluation.

- The consistency of the dishes, to ensure the constant quality of the restaurant's cuisine.

Assigning a star
Decisions are made during the "star sessions", which bring together the director of the Michelin guide and all of the inspectors. It is very important to remember that the decision to award stars in the Michelin guide is a collegiate decision. This is only done once all the inspectors who have visited an establishment have given their opinion and they are in agreement. They decide whether or not the restaurant deserves a star.

The repercussions
Knowing the reputation and strong sales of the book worldwide, it is wise to think that the Michelin Guide is very influential. That's why getting a Michelin star means a significant increase in the customer base of your restaurant. But it can also mean more pressure because the customer will expect a service at the height of this star.

Now you know How to get a Michelin star, keep trying your best until you achieve one.

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