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This is happening

Sustainability, green market, fairtrade, hyper-local, what are we talking about? It seems like we are working so hard to merely go back to the basics.
“Food Security can be defined as a condition where all people, at all times have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life” according to the World Food Security during the World Food Summit Plan of Action in Rome in 1996. Nowadays, its definition has not been changed yet and we see more and more self-sufficiency initiatives from professionals and individuals.

Auto-production is the new motto! Some professional chefs and restaurants have been getting into the new trend in order to get independence from the big food industry to ensure fresh and quality products are available on a daily basis.
Hyper-local trend have existed for many years and restaurant owners have learnt how to appreciate by stocking up from neighbouring kitchen gardens. But it has been a fact that just big restaurants can benefit from those advantages. Smaller business are being discriminated... That was true until now!
Nowadays we see several restaurants which chose to face this issue and grow their own vegetables garden at the very heart of the restaurant. This is visible worldwide like in France with Bloempot, Florent Layden's restaurant, at De Kas restaurant, in Amsterdam and close to London, in Richmond with the Petersham Nurseries restaurant.
This new green trend, plus urban vertical agriculture democratisation is a solution different from over-production and ensure truth to professional chefs about traceability, nature and quality of the products used in recipes.

There is no good recipe without good products. Here at Chef Academy we teach our students in professional cooking programmes, how important it is to pick up the right ingredients to realize a recipe with success.
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