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The bell has rang!

Two weeks have passed since we have cheerfully opened our professional laboratory kitchen to our new eager to learn cooking students.

Our Chefs Raffaello and Maurizio, have intensively mentored them, helping them to achieve many great things in the kitchen: bread making, pasty, cutting techniques, fresh and traditional pasta making, and food selection. Many topics have been covered to allow are students to progress to the next stage.

The two Chefs trainers made sure our budding Chefs would get all the skills and knowledge required to make the transition into one of our Michelin starred or fine-dining restaurant partners.

The advantage of that second step of our professional Chef training program is that entering a professional fully functioning kitchen, our students train and develop themselves in the kitchen, that will eventually be relevant as to what to expect in the working life of a chef – no hidden surprises!. Therefore, they are going to experience several situations that one would experience working in the kitchen on a daily basis.

We are the only culinary school here in London to offer trainings directly in a professional environment from a beginner level all the way up to Michelin star level. That means that we accept any level of background, whether you are just crazy about cooking, whether you want to become a professional Chef, or whether you are dreaming about opening your own establishment in a close future.

We believe in learning by practice. That is the reason why we have developed that immersion concept with our restaurants partners, in order to ensure our students, a unique experience.

How to become a Chef? Don't hesitate to contact us here at Chef Academy and one of our student coordinators will be delighted to put you on the path of gastronomy.


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