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Why Become A Chef In The UK?

The UK is famous for its international culture, bringing new and exciting flavours to the table. There are many jobs involved in the hospitality industry here in the UK.

What is exciting is that the industry is growing at a rapid rate, offering fantastic opportunities for foreign workers to develop a successful career in England.

Just to give you an idea of the size of it, in 2020, The House of Commons Library announced a report that there were currently 223,045 hospitality businesses running. As you can see it is a valuable sector to the UK economy. In 2019, its contribution totalled £59.3 billion in Gross Value Added, around 3.0% of total UK economic output.

We recommend the quickest and best way to get started as a professional chef in the UK is to take part in a culinary course. At Chef Academy London, we offer our students the chance to learn all the skills you need to be ready to start in a live kitchen with a team of professional chefs. The next stage is then to train in a real-life scenario where you take part in live training within one of our partnering restaurants. The experience is gold dust and very valuable to any chef’s resume.

To find out more about our professional culinary courses, click the link here: Cooking Courses

Are International Chefs In Demand?

Are you aspiring to be the next top chef?  Currently the UK is experiencing 200,000 work shortages based in the hospitality industry. As the country has implemented new Brexit regulations, now is the time to regenerate the industry, welcoming the best talent from all over the world.

We keep in touch with all the top restaurants in London and have been told that owners are applying for sponsorship licences through the government to make it simple for businesses to employ chefs from across the seas.

All students are expected to apply for a visa which will offer them the right to work in the UK. If you want to find out more information on how to apply to the UK to develop a professional career chef, click the link here: How to become a British citizen and start a career in the UK

Is Being A Chef A Good Career In The UK?

There are many fantastic career opportunities that are connected to becoming a professional chef. It presents a chance to become passionate about food! With the ability to achieve top job satisfaction, this is an environment where you can progress a long-term career.

If you have talent and are willing to work hard, being a chef is a rewarding and exciting job and one that is in demand. With rising numbers of chef jobs in London, the industry is continuously growing. 

London can offer a professional chef an incredible lifestyle. London is home to some of the most luxurious restaurants, with over 60 Michelin star restaurants.

Wouldn't you like to be a part of that?

Much of the Michelin star history was established in Chelsea, where you will find Bibendum, the Michelin HQ. The Grade II building was built in 1911 on Fulham Road. It is registered on the National Heritage List for England and now home to top chef Claude Bosi who relocated there in 2007.

If you are new to the Michelin star experience, watch out for the star rating given to each restaurant. Award one, two or three stars, represents very good, exceptional, or exquisite cuisine.

In addition, you may find that there is a particular food industry or cultural flavours you want to specialise in. The hospitality industry can offer you the chance to innovate within your favourite catering sector.

Being a professional chef comes with the joy of making other people happy. There is a lot of excitement in the kitchen. The more passionate you become about your food; the more others will love it! Make your customers smile with your delicious recipes and embrace the job satisfaction!

Lastly, the chef lifestyle is something which can be adjusted to suit your own needs. If you are a morning riser, there are many jobs delivering breakfasts and brunches. Alternatively, there are night owl opportunities too which allow you to chef afternoon to dine experiencing in the very best restaurants in London. Look at the variety of restaurants which are only open at night, others during the day. Catering companies work shifts and corporate catering will see you working 9 to 5 hrs. Set your hours depending on your lifestyle!

How Do You Become A Chef In England?

Most chefs are extremely passionate about what they do and many of them choose to branch out on their own to set up their own restaurant. Take a look at Chef Academy London’s course on Hospitality Management and Food Science.

See course here: Hospitality Management and Advanced Food Science (600 hours)

Here we guide you into new opportunities to create and develop top standard culinary skills. We admire the fact chefs come into the kitchen with a creative desire to develop new and exciting dishes that have never been tried before. The role offers an opportunity to experiment with food which can tickle the taste buds. This is very helpful for those moments when you will be asked to formulate new menus and add exciting special dishes to the restaurant’s menus on a weekly basis.

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