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Hospitality Workforce Shortage In The UK

Recently, Brexit and the pandemic have presented the UK hospitality industry with a high shortage of staff in 2021. Restaurants and hotels are currently reporting a shortfall of around 200,000 workers, with a particular shortage in front-of-house staff and chefs. 

Since the hospitality industry has reopened, there has been a huge demand in rehiring staff, with many vacancies being offered at once. 

With years of experience running Chef Academy London, we know that our students come with a breadth of different experiences and knowledge from all around the world. They come to our culinary school to experience the British culinary culture and have a fantastic opportunity to develop a career here in the UK. 

Working closely with the local hospitality industry, we are aware of the changes that restaurants and hotels are making to accommodate staff from overseas to work within their businesses. Recently many organisations have applied for a Sponsor Licence which allows them to recruit professional chefs from outside the UK. Therefore, here is everything you need to know when moving to the UK to start your career with Chef Academy London. 

Key Changes Of Sponsorships In The British Hospitality Industry 

One aspect which hasn't changed is that employers must hold a Sponsor Licence before being able to offer sponsorship to migrant workers. This includes those who don't hold a visa in another category such as the EU Settlement Scheme or as the dependent of a migrant worker. 

From 1 January 2021, new Brexit rules have stopped EU nationals travelling to the UK under the freedom of movement regulations. This means that any EU nationals who were not already in the UK by 31 December 2020 will now need to be sponsored, just like any other non-EU national.

The new rules do not require chefs to be ‘highly skilled’ anymore. By reducing the minimum pay rate for chefs to enter the industry, overseas employees are now able to access the industry in an easier way. There are more opportunities for workers to develop a strong career in hospitality. A popular pathway is to take up a Chef Academy London professional chef course first. With the chance to work in our partner restaurants, we have a high success rate of students who have been offered a job at the end of the course.  

On the plus side, sponsorships for chefs are now a realistic option for many more businesses. Chefs are categorised as a ‘Skilled Worker’ by the British government.

This allows employers to hire staff who are:

  • Eligible for a working visa
  • Work for a UK employer who have been approved by the Home Office 
  • Are paid at least a minimum salary.

What Impact Does This Have On Our Chef Academy Students?

It has been a promising start for hospitality since restrictions have lifted in the UK, with a quick bounce back for the industry. The Office for National Statistics recently reported that in May 2021, the turnover for the UK industry was £3.4 billion. This rose further to £6.9 billion by May 2021 after the pandemic restrictions were partially eased, the highest figure since August 2020. 

Furthermore, on top of this, there were 102,000 new vacancies in the sector from April to June 2021. This is on the rise of 12.1%, compared with the 91,000 figures for the same period in 2019. This is set to continue to grow. 

We Can Help You Start A Career In Hospitality!

The UK government is working with the sector to understand the impact on job shortages due to Brexit and the Covid pandemic. 

As there has been a rise in skill shortages, it is now down to businesses to develop better training programs. At Chef Academy, we believe it is vital to train chefs and hospitality staff in a real working environment, with strong mentors and supportive chefs. Our staff are always on hand to put our students at ease whilst providing years of expert experience and knowledge. 

If you would like to see a testimonial from a past student about their experience, follow the link here: How To Apply

Do you want to become a professional chef? 

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