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Gastronomy is one of the areas with the greatest sustainable growth in recent years, bringing with it immense potential for the country's economic development.

Today the generation of jobs and income of the gastronomic sector come not only from restaurants, but also from the increase in the demand for native products and inputs of high nutritional value. Here we will tell you why this career gives you great job opportunities.

Lots of work possibilities

The Culinary Art career has a very diverse work field, and that is that gastronomy gives you the possibility to make a career line and grow professionally. 

Studying this profession gives you the opportunity to develop in several areas, you can be Chef or Manager of Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Cruises, Clubs and catering services. What's more, if you like to teach, you can also dabble by being a professor of gastronomic schools and even working as a menu designer chef for magazines or newspapers.

It's amazing what you can achieve with gastronomy, can you imagine if you  studied a foreign cuisine, such as French? Your success would be superior.

2.     You will work faster

One of the benefits of studying gastronomy is that this technical career lasts less than the others. While most students finish their profession in 5 years or more, it will only take you less than one year.

Moreover, if you want to have a greater specialization, you can complement your studies with other course later. The important thing here is that you choose a good gastronomic school that will provide you with good agreements, internships, work practices and, above all, quality education.  

3.     The investment is quickly recovered

Gastronomy has an advantage over other careers that it is impossible not to mention, and it allows you to quickly recover the investment you have made, since the average salaries that would be achieved with it are high.

To this add that your professional practices can be exercised from the first cycles of learning, and gain experience. 

  1. More jobs

The gastronomic category is one of the sectors with the highest dynamic growth in the world. If you want to enrol at Chef Academy London, you will be able to choose between different courses, we in fact propose the cooking courses:

  • Hospitality Management and Advanced Food Science (600 hours);
  • Advanced Professional Chef Course (550 hours);
  • Michelin Starred Chef Course (300 Hours);
  • Professional Chef Course (325 Hours);
  • Kosher Professional Chef Course (400 Hours);
  • Halal Advanced Professional Chef Course (550 Hours);
  • Professional Chef Course - Italian cuisine (325 hours);
  • Professional Patisserie and Confectionery Course (840 Hours);
  • Introduction to the Professional Chef Course (80 hours);
  • Advanced Cooking Techniques (80 hours);
  • Intensive Professional Pastry Programme (80 Hours).
  1. Greater opportunity to become independent

The Culinary Art, unlike the other professional careers, gives you the possibility to become independent more quickly, since you can open your own restaurant or catering company and form a successful future. 

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