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Do not miss this opportunity to become an Executive Chef in London

For several years now, more and more people are understanding and appreciating the importance of good food. We are enjoying more refined dishes and are no longer afraid of trying new things.

Cooking shows and television programs are more popular than ever before and it has become extremely fashionable to not only know the where to find the best places to eat but more people are wanting to fulfil their passion for food and train to make their dreams a reality.

Today studying to become an Executive Chief is one of the professions with the greatest of rewards.

If you would like to be a professional in the kitchen, we at London Chef Academy can provide you with all you need to know to succeed in a profession that does not strop growing Nationally or Internationally.

Responsibilities of an Executive Chef

Firstly, you should not confuse this profession with that of a Kitchen Assistant, although sometimes they can do similiar jobs, an Executive Chef will always have many more responsibilities.

Here are some of the responsibilities of an Executive Chef. They will;

  • Train and motivate employees to meet the expectations of the owner and customers
  • Know the most popular recipes according to the type of restaurant in which they work and look to add value and creativity to existing or new menus
  • Show dedication to the profession and be a role model for the rest of the team
  • Make sure hygiene meets the highest standards and that attention to detail is achieved at all times (this will include personal hygiene, Health & Safety, kitchen cleanliness and above all complete customer satisfaction)
  • Be able to manage all operations within the kitchen from purchasing & ordering to delivering perfectly cooked and presented food to the customer
  • Be able to make decisions and always look to improve the profitability of the business model
  • When necessary, adjust the menu to the tastes, trends and needs of the customer
  • Check that all procedures follow current legislation and that all employees are satisfactorily trained to carry out their work effectively and efficiently
  • Never neglect the treatment given to food; especially during its conservation phases
  • Be able to make weekly and monthly budgets depending on the season (high, low, weekend, working day, etc.)

What do you have to study to be an Executive Chef?

The first thing you should understand is that becoming an Executive Chef is not something that is achieved overnight. It is a profession that requires commitment, determination and extensive training. Although the training can take a long time, the experience that will be gained will be one of the most valuable assets.

Employers looking to recruit an Executive Chef tend to look for professionals with long term service experience and/or a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary arts or similar. They will also be looking for the successful candidate to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Source quality products that meet budget in local, national and international markets
  • Procure the best food products (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc.) whilst ensure good sanitary conditions
  • Manage the kitchen of a restaurant: suppliers, set a budget, hire employees, prepare a daily and weekend menu, offer different dishes on special occasions, variety of starters and desserts, and have a knowledge of wine pairing
  • Be able to understand the different specialties of the kitchen, such as pastries
  • Train kitchen staff to ensure that they follow all safety standards and avoid workplace accidents
  • Use interpersonal skills and put them into practice with clients and employees alike
  • To follow procedures and protocols
  • Value the importance of working in teams for the good management of the establishment
  • Plan menus according to the style of the restaurant
  • Follow health legislation to meet all the hygiene requirements that are expected to be followed in the kitchen
  • Implement and deliver recipes of National and International cuisine

What are the Benefits of becoming an Executive Chef?

Wherever you are in the world, one thing is certain, people will always be hungry for good food. The Industry is screaming out for professionals with hands-on experience or culinary training. Although being a Chef requires a lot of responsibility and a great deal of dedication and commitment, it can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling Career.

Where can Chefs work?

  • Hotels/Restuarants
  • Cruise Ships/Private Yachets
  • Chalets
  • Resorts/Bars/Clubs
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Private businesses
  • Prisons
  • Private Homes

Every restaurant in the world needs Executive Chefs who can serve their customers. Although at the beginning this career may seen a long way off, especially if you still do not have experience, with time and perseverance you will see the rewards of your training pay-off.

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