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Beginners guide to best cooking courses

These days anything related to gastronomy has become omnipresent because there isn’t a television network without its own version of a cookery programme. These programmes range from amateurs up to professional level and the aim of these programmes is to promote gastronomy and at the same time to produce the next Gordon Ramsay.

The advantage of these programmes that the industry that was once a hidden secret is open to all. However, now everybody thinks they can cook and perhaps that’s why they say ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’.

This in turn has meant that they are many cooking schools opening up and the internet inundated with cookery programmes, courses, famous chefs and food pictures along with recipes.

Each cooking school offers various lengths of courses whether its couple of hours up to yearly courses depending on the demand. Depending on the school your training might be carried out in classroom, restaurant or shop. Furthermore, if you have purchased a course overseas then you get to explore the culture and food of that region.

With so much choice sometimes, it can be overwhelming but we feel that you should choose our school for the following reasons:

Why choose Chef Academy London?

Chef Academy London was founded in Italy, we are a prestigious school and internationally recognised. Also, our school is internationally recognised by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Colleges).

When it comes to choosing a course if you are looking for a Michelin star level training, we are the only school offering. Our courses range from professional up to Michelin level.

You have the option from day courses up to six months depending on what you aim to get out of it whether it’s a career or desire to whisk gourmet meals at home.

We run courses throughout the year which means you can join us when it suits you. Furthermore, we schedule your live training according to your day to day life because ‘we believe you don’t need to change your lifestyle just because you are learning’.

Chef Academy London is a great place for learning because our students tell us they enjoy the warmth and friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, our students return and also, recommend us.

Chef Academy London students learn the art of cooking at a professional level in order to gain experience in this field. We offer bespoke and practical courses; these courses teach you the cooking techniques and also at the same time you get to experience the life of a chef in a restaurant.

Chef Academy students in their live training are given the opportunity to train alongside some of the best chefs London city has to offer whether it’s fine dining or Michelin level.

As these courses are classroom and restaurant based, once you complete your training you will have the practical and theoretical skills to kick start a career in this industry.

We believe we are one of the best cooking school around, whether it comes to training, flexibility and our competitive rates.

Chef Academy offers the best cooking courses, see the list below:

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